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Our Aircraft

Tecnam P92 Echo Super

This is a two place SLSA aircraft perfect for private pilot and Sport pilot training. The Tecnam P92 Echo Super is easy and fun to fly and available for rental.


This is a 2022 Factory build Vans RV-12iS SLSA perfect for sport pilot, private Pilot , commercial and instrument training.

AirCam (Clamar 2180 Amphib.)

The AirCam equipped with Clamar 2180 amphibious floats is the flagship of the Multi-Engine Seaplane (AMES) training program. AirCam is an experience like no other!

AirCam (Conventional)

The open cockpit aircraft was designed and engineered with safety, visibility, and versatility in mind. With plenty of performance to spare, explore the beautiful lakes of central Florida!